P. Kentenich adorando

“All of our life should be seeking God: To seek Him always! To seek God in prosperity and in adversity, in the easy and in the difficult, in rest and in work, in health and in illness, in life and in death. To seek Him always! That is the initial impulse of all spiritual life and even more of all our life as pilgrims towards heaven… that heaven which is God… Thus, we are seekers of God “in the night of time”… thus we are pilgrims of God… because heaven is He.”

“That living only on Him is obtained in PRAYER and that is the peculiar mission which the Slaves of the Eucharist and of the Virgin Mary have in the Church. We live dedicated to prayer. It is not only a preferred occupation, it is a life. As a life, it forms its constant interior environment, which anticipates on earth the life of heaven.”

“In imitation of Jesus Christ, who prayed incessantly to the Father and sought solitude and retreat (Cf. Mk. 6,46) for greater intimacy with Him, prayer should occupy a primordial place in our lives. As authentic contemplatives, our prayer should be constant, in every moment and place (Cf. Lk. 6,12; 11,1-13; 21,36; Mk. 1,35), to the point of becoming living prayer.”

“Our prayer, far from being a flee from men, is the best way of being present to them, since in prayer the communion of Saints becomes more expressive. In it, our dialogue with God reaches tones of propitiation, thanksgiving, expiation, reparation and intercession in favor of men and the Church.”