Words of Our Founder


Mary, our Mother and Queen, we consecrate ourselves to you as slaves of love. Receive, o Mother, this handful of ears, which you have seen coming up from your threshing floor. Transform us, so that, in your hands, we may also be like Jesus, Host of your paten. Keep our offering and warm it in your heart. May nothing and no one dare to take away one beat of this oblation which you present to the Father. We want, Mother, to be a host with Jesus, in order to, from it, love all the world and embrace it in love. Mother, bind us to love and draw our eyes to that treasure of ours which is Jesus Host, to whom we give ourselves as slaves. Jesus, we give ourselves to your love. Quench the thirst of your infinite ardor in the little cup of our lives. Place in it that which your thirst requires and drink it all. Purify us, make us virginal, in the image of our Mother Mary, that under her shadow and inside your host, we may only love from you and with you. Mother, may a love of Church and of brothers and sisters give our lives unto the final consequences, giving all our love in every instant. We want to be like you, may our response be the echo of your fidelity, from your heart, and our “yes” from your lips. Jesus, make us Mary. Mary, make us Jesus.